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Wallet Buddy (PHC-Windows)
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PHC Wallet Buddy 1.1 - Windows (C) 2018 Profit Hunters Coin

BACKUP wallet.dat file to an external drive before you continue! Notice: USE THIS TOOL AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Here are some things you can do with PHC Wallet Buddy:

  • Clean your AppData\PHC folder (renaming: database, txleveldb, blk0001.dat, db.log, debug.log)
  • Restore your AppData\PHC folder after cleaning (with this tool only)
  • Download/install the most recent version of phc-qt.exe
  • Download/install the most recent version of the blockchain bootstrap
  • Run wallet in "normal" or "repair wallet" mode

Installing PHC Wallet Buddy 1.1:

Download and install the most recent version of phc-qt.exe

  • Step 1 - Install phc-walletbuddy (if not done already)
  • Step 2 - Close phc-qt.exe, then backup your wallet.dat
  • Step 3 - Load phc-walletbuddy.bat
  • Step 4 - Install Curl to system32? n {ENTER}
  • Step 5 - Did you backup your wallet data? y {ENTER}
  • Step 5 - Clean PHC AppData? n {ENTER}
  • Step 6 - Download phc-qt.exe update? y {ENTER}
  • Step 7 - Download bootstrap? n {ENTER}
  • Step 8 - Load wallet? y {ENTER}

Wallet chain-forked (stuck on blocks?)

  • Step 1 - Backup your wallet! File -> Backup Wallet (selecting an external usb drive is recommended)
  • Step 2 - Make sure curl.exe and phc-walletbuddy.bat is located in the same directory (folder) as phc-qt.exe
  • Step 3 - Double click (run) phc-walletbuddy.bat
  • Step 4 - You will be asked to install curl.exe to system32 type: n {ENTER}
  • Step 5 - You will be asked if you backed up your wallet, if you did type: y {ENTER}
  • Step 6 - You will be asked to Clean PHC AppData tpe: y {ENTER}
  • Step 7 - You will be asked to Download phc-qt update, if you have not already type: y {ENTER}
  • Step 8 - You will be asked to Download recent bootstrap file. Type: y {ENTER}
  • Step 9 - You will be asked to Load Wallet. Type: y {ENTER}
  • Step 10 - Wait for your wallet to finish "importing blocks" and to connect to peers and fully sync.

Curl not working?

  • Step 1 - Right click on phc-walletbuddy.bat and click "Run as administrator"
  • Step 2 - It will ask you to install curl.exe to system32. Type: y {ENTER}
  • Step 3 - Run PHC Wallet Buddy again.
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