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from multiprocessing import Pool
## exploration and discovery
from PriorExperience import insight, serendipity
my_new_idea = gen_ideas(insight, serendipity, NewTechnology)
my_new_idea = copy.copy(somebody_elses_idea)
## get funding and build a team
funded = False
while not funded:
proposal = gen_proposal(my_new_idea).submit()
funded = proposal.was_funded
grads = Pool(5)
postdocs = Pool(3)
undergrads = Pool(8)
## do the work and write it up
results = get_data(grads, postdocs, undergrads,
paper = results.write_paper()
paper.submit(journal="Science") # this will be accepted without revision
## reap rewards
cv_item = collect_prize(type="Nobel", thank=",".join([ for x in grads]))