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2D mapping tool for different object types like ofFbo, ofImage or completely custom objects.


  • adding mapping objects containing
    • ofFbo
    • ofImage
    • ofColor
    • or custom contents implemented by a derived class
  • manipulate mapping objects
    • change geometry
    • change order
    • delete object
    • crop content
  • direct or indirect editing
  • indirect edit mode with zoom function
  • calibration mode
  • SVG export & import (only meant to be used for geometry changes like moving points or adding vertices, not for object removal or addition; tested with Inkscape)

##Usage Tested with linux 64bit. See example for usage details and watch this video:

##Installation Please use the lastest git version of openFrameworks until v0.9 is published. Otherwise the addon will crash. Additionally to this addon, you need ofxSortableList (

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