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Wallcalendar LaTeX documentclass

A wall calendar class with custom layouts and support for internationalization.


The documentclass comes with the following layouts:

  • Full page photo, the calendar days overlaid with opacity
  • Full page photo, the photo above the calendar days
  • Small landscape photo, with a calendar grid
  • Photo and Notes, photo and calendar on separate pages to allow space for note taking
  • Title page
  • Year planner
  • Thumbnails and captions
  • Varnish mask

There is also support for loading event marks from a CSV file.

See wallcalendar.pdf for the user manual, and wallcalendar-code.pdf for the commented code documentation.

The manual includes examples and tutorials, but you may also want to see the doc/examples folder on Github.

wallcalendar layouts



TeXLive includes the wallcalendar package since 2018.

Using from a git clone

I recommend however to clone this repository for each new calendar project, this way you can make small changes directly in wallcalendar.cls or the lua scripts.

You can start with one of the examples and start tweaking it. Optionally, remove the docs if you don't want to include them in your project.

git clone https://github.com/profound-labs/wallcalendar.git

cd wallcalendar
cp doc/examples/cal-photo-and-notes.tex ./new-calendar.tex

cp -r doc/examples/data .
cp -r doc/examples/photos .
cp -r doc/examples/fonts .

rm doc/ -r
rm LICENSE.txt Makefile README.md wallcalendar-code.pdf wallcalendar-layouts.png wallcalendar.pdf

lualatex -interaction=nonstopmode -halt-on-error ./new-calendar.tex

As a local package

If you wanted to install it as a local package, the make local-install task in the project root will try to install it at $TEXMFHOME/tex.

Back matter

Github: https://github.com/profound-labs/wallcalendar

Contact: Gambhiro Bhikkhu gambhiro.bhikkhu.85@gmail.com

LPPL LaTeX Public Project License