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  1. One Button Games

    No complicated input like WASD, ctrl, alt, space, XYAB etc... What interesting things can we do using just the mouse and left click? (eg. Peggles, Bejewelled, Fruit Ninja).

  2. 5 Minute Games

    These are continuous games that gets progressively harder. No levels. It's called a 5-minute game because the average player usually dies at the 5-minute mark, due to the escalating difficulty.

  3. Logic Centric

    Games that focuses on thinking, and solving.

  4. New Nostalgia

    Take classic game concepts, and change their mechanic.

  5. Educational

    Let's target ages 6-12.

  6. Strictly Mobile

    These are intended for mobile devices as they may use features such as gyroscope, accelerometer etc... You can play on the PC but with simulated controls for those.

  7. Interactive Stories

    These are targeted to preschoolers. Any writers out there?

  8. Random Verb

    Pick a random verb. Create a game that uses that as a game mechanic.

  9. Random Noun

    Pick a random noun. Think of the verbs you could do to the noun. Use that as a game mechanic.

  10. Audio Centric

    These games focuses on the audio aspect over the graphical aspect. Bonus if the visually impaired could also play without disadvantages.

  11. Hotseat Games

    Games where multiple people can play, but on the same computer (think simple board games etc...).

  12. Social Causes

    Games that can have positive social impact.

  13. Anything Goes

    Anything. This is for those interesting ideas out there, but there isn't a category. This category is spread across the months as fillers.

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