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Game Design Document Sample Outline

maxtodorov edited this page · 2 revisions
  • Game title
  • Game story summary
  • Game flow ( flow of the game’s action in the context of the locations the player will find themselves in.
  • Character Definition(or Characters)-including controls
  • Gameplay (sequence, levels, views)
  • Gameworld(description of what we see around -- so graphic design folks can start)
  • Game Experiance (Violent, funny, cute, what emotion are we trying to get in this game?)
  • Game mechanics [including: mechanics (simple interaction), hazard (mechanic that harms), power-up (mechanic thats heals,improves, collectibles (stuff that goes into inventory), enemy characters (non-boss), BOSS]
  • CutScenes/Bonuses --- probably not applicable for our small games [<-- however we really should thing about doing some in game selling, especially in AppStore]
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