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DBCells - an architecture for publishing linked modelling data

excerpt: "Land change models require large amounts of data, and are difficult to be reproduced, as well as to be reused. Some initiatives to open and link data increase the reproducibility of scientific experiments and data reuse. One pillar of the linked data concept is the use of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). In this project, we propose DBCells – an architecture for publication of a global cellular space where each cell has a URI. This new approach will allow comparison, reproduction and the reuse of models and data (


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DBCELLS – AN OPEN AND GLOBAL MULTI-SCALE LINKED CELLS / DBCells – um Espaço Cellular Multi-Escala Global, Aberto e Conectado Sergio Souza Costa, Micael Lopes Silva, Thamyla Maria de Souza Lima, Evaldinolia Gilbertoni Moreira



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