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A Profunctor is just a bifunctor that is contravariant in the first argument and covariant in the second. What's the problem?

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  1. 🔖 Redis client built on top of Cats Effect, Fs2 and Lettuce

    Scala 168 39

  2. 🐰 RabbitMQ stream-based client built on top of Fs2

    Scala 111 38

  3. 📊 End-to-end tracing system for Http4s

    Scala 105 14

  4. 🔒 Opinionated JWT authentication library for Http4s

    Scala 63 8

  5. 💻 Effect-type agnostic Console I/O for Cats Effect

    Scala 53 5

  6. 🎥 Source code of the examples shown in the video tutorials

    Scala 17 1


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