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App Game Kit Repository

This is a work in progress of my explorations in Game Development. It's developed using the App Game Kit multi-platform deployment engine developed by the Game Creators: .

The game is called battleship and I've developed everything you see in the game from the 3D mesh modeling in Blender: , to the AGK code base.

The game is constructed to be a true Physics based game where the player controls every aspect of the battleship including the 3 big turrets, torpedoes, anti-aircraft guns, and a sea mine dispenser at the back of the ship. The ship navigates through a sea imbued with physics characteristics. There is remedial AI techniques (autonomous agent movement) implemented from Mat Bucklands famous AI Game book "Programming Game AI By Example".

It's still very much in development but I hope it can provide inspiration for those who want to learn the trade.

If you wish to know more about me, I would forward you to my online resume app:


The AGK (App Game Kit) Repository



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