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My Drools Examples Repository

This is a repository which contains my (heavily) commented (at the code level) Drools V6.0 (Selected) Example projects.

I chose those projects which were most educational to me (and hopefully you), and ported them over to a more generic Drools project. However since they are Drools V6, they are, at their heart, Maven projects. Given that, I've taken steps to ensure that this code works as is. Look for a Zip file that contains the entire project including my notes on how to build the project (if you are inclined) and avoid the snafu's.

The philosophy of this little adventure is educational, to help the newbie make that leap from executing their first helloworld example to comprenending the more advanced Drools concepts. I find that with a bit of a push, the beginner can get their Drools 'sea legs' more quickly than on their own.


For posterity sake, you can download the official (undocumented at the code level) Drools V6 Examples here:

I also believe that this link is helpful as well:

Should you want to know anything about me, I would have you peruse my online resume app at: .

This is meant as an educational piece, please feel free to use it as benefits you, just drop me a note if you find it useful.

A Listing of My Examples is below:

  • HelloWorld
  • Backward Chaining
  • CashFlow
  • Fibonacci
  • Golfing Riddle
  • Honest Politician Riddle
  • Shopping Example
  • State Example
  • Number Guess Game
  • Banking Example

Notes: The kmodule you need to use is located in the src/main/resources/META-INF directory, ignore the other one. My developer notes if a Microsoft Rich Text file, which doesn't render too well on GitHub. Lastly, the comments are in the source CODE and the RULES source, so look there to peruse the details. It is FAR easier to peruse put the big picture together if you have build a working project, then you can see the source and rules next to each other for am overall context. In the absence of that, viewing them in GitHub is the next best thing.


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