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Prolog Repository

This is a repository which contains the port of the Amzil prolog adventure game to the SWI-Prolog Web App Framework. I initially got the game ported (and enhanced a bit) for a simple web page deployment but wasn't satisified with that. I discovered the JCubic JQuery-Terminal framework (, and worked to integrate that with the prolog backend to maintain the integrity of the original game. PHP and cURL were used to tie all of it together.

The Prolog game and web App is => . The other files are the terminal interface files.

I've included a simple architecture diagram to convey what's going on under the hood. You can try the game itself here:

Should you want to know anything about me, I would have you peruse my online resume app at: .

This is meant as an educational piece, please feel free to use it as benefits you, just drop me a note if you find it useful.

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