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1.  VIRSYS (VIrtual Robot SYStem)
    Go to, and get
      * GLUT library (install to Windows\system ...)

2.  Java
    Go to
    GO to    

3.  LWJGL (Light Weight Java Graphics library)
    Go to LWJGL Dir and read README


    Run both programs simultaneously:
      *     <-- from this project, virsysJ
      * virsys.exe   <-- from the VIRSYS download
    Put your robot code in  A sample is provided.

note: Because "VIRSYS.exe" is a network intensive application 
(localhost loopback) that nobody has ever heard of, you may 
need to work with your antivirus software. Norton "Sonar" 
actually deletes (quarantines) VIRSYS.exe when you run it the 
first time. You need to tell it and simillar packages not to do 
that! In Norton this is not exactly straight forward, but there is 
an undo and accept button in there somewhere on the "Sonar" warning 
window that pops up (not exactly where you'd expect to find it, so 
keep navigating!)   

-Taken directly from the virsys site
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