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NetBox BGP Peering Plugin

This repository contains source code of NetBox BGP Peering plugin.

There are multiple branches in this repository. Each branch represents different stage of the development of the plugin. These stages are describred in detail in Developing NetBox plugin tutorial @

This plugin is currently undergoing development and should not be used in production.


Name Description Tutorial part
initial-plugin Dev environment setup and plugin config ^Part 1
minimal-plugin Minimal interactive plugin ^Part 1
adding-model Adds model and exposes it in admin panel ^Part 1
model-migrations Adds Django model migrations ^Part 1
bgppeering-view-init Adds web UI page for displaying details of single object ^Part 2
bgppeering-list-view-init Adds web UI page for displaying list of objects ^Part 2
bgppeering-create-view-init Adds web UI page with form for creating objects ^Part 2
bgppeering-list-search Adds search/filter side form ^Part 3
small-improvements Improves functionality and look of the plugin ^Part 4
adding-permissions Adds object permissions ^Part 5
adding-api Adds API endpoints ^Part 5

Follow the below links to the tutorial if you'd like to see detailed walkthrough on how I built this plugin:

Developing NetBox Plugin - Part 1 - Setup and initial build

Developing NetBox Plugin - Part 2 - Adding web UI pages

Developing NetBox Plugin - Part 3 - Adding search panel

Developing NetBox Plugin - Part 4 - Small improvements

Developing NetBox Plugin - Part 5 - Permissions and API