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command for generating svn users list better handles more cases

- grep now catches only commit author lines, instead of anything with
  the word author (e.g. commit messages)
- perl replacement now correctly generates "uname = " line
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tctimmeh committed May 7, 2012
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@@ -362,7 +362,8 @@ However, the import isn’t perfect; and because it will take so long, you may a
To get a list of the author names that SVN uses, you can run this:
- $ svn log --xml | grep author | sort -u | perl -pe 's/.>(.?)<./$1 = /'
+ $ svn log --xml | grep -P "^<author" | sort -u | \
+ perl -pe 's/<author>(.*?)<\/author>/$1 = /'
That gives you the log output in XML format — you can look for the authors, create a unique list, and then strip out the XML. (Obviously this only works on a machine with `grep`, `sort`, and `perl` installed.) Then, redirect that output into your users.txt file so you can add the equivalent Git user data next to each entry.

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