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makepdfs fails : I can't find file 'Helvetica' #11

ndeloof opened this Issue · 9 comments

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running makepdfs (on ubuntu) fails with this error
Helvetica is not a free font anyway, so I can't find a way to fix this


At least you can change the default font to be used by modifying the latex/config.yml file


Tip: the names goes without hypens. For example: Liberation Sans


On Ubuntu I have used fonts: Ubuntu for normal text and DejaVu Sans Mono for monospace. PDF generated properly.


The point with this issue is that we will keep bumping on it as we have different platforms for compiling. Is there a simple way to provide some "safe" defaults or at least some degraded choices to LateX?


I'm eager to make this work on multiple platforms. I guess we could choose an open-source-licensed font and somehow distribute that with the book. Otherwise, I think that we're unlikely to find a common font on Linux, Mac, and Windows, just as we are unable to do with web browsers (those also have a "fall back sequence").

This issue warrants input from a LateX expert on font selection here.


Pdf generation involves selecting a font which covers the glyphs needed for the compiled language. This is the main problem as a font for every language would need to basically cover a great part of unicode (translated languages include russian, japanese, chinese and korean).

At least, for european languages and for serif font, we could settle for Libertine which seems to be shipped with latex (to be checked on all platforms).


Just coming back to older issues we haven't touched in a while. Thoughts on the state of this, @jnavila ?


I think we must indicate that the full texlive distrib must be installed and select fonts from this common core. Let me try to cook up something on this.


In the second edition I'm changing the generation options to Atlas for the more professional setting and asciidoc for the at-home user. Because of this, I'm going to close this issue since I'll be focusing on those toolchains instead (plus all the translations will have automated builds instead of making people do it themselves so this may just become a moot point)

@schacon schacon closed this
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