[RFC] Attempt to modernize text a bit #404

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Summary of the changes in this PR:

  • Drop description of Git of pre-1.6 versions.
  • Add an example on a **/ pattern.
  • Describe how to make Git to show changes in the word diff format.
  • A couple of small fixes.
GArik added some commits Apr 6, 2013

"If you are writing code" But I 'd prefer "when applied to source code"


"as usual" sounds strange.

I have changed "usual" to "normal".

Pro Git Book member

That's fine. Thanks!

@jnavila jnavila merged commit 67da35b into progit:master Apr 8, 2013

That was a fast merge! :)

@GArik GArik commented on the diff Apr 10, 2013
+Sometimes it's easier to review changes by words than by lines. There is a `--word-diff` option available in Git, that you can append to the `git log -p` command to get word diff instead of normal line by line diff. Word diff format is quite useless when applied to source code, but it comes in handy when applied to large text files, like books or your dissertation. Here is an example:
+ $ git log -U1 --word-diff
+ commit da734f4151c0bf92798edd67fb571f86ab4179e6
+ Author: Jed Hartman <jhartman@google.com>
+ Date: Tue Mar 19 18:00:35 2013 -0700
+ Added a missing "in" to a sentence.
+ diff --git a/en/01-chapter2.markdown b/en/01-chapter2.markdown
+ index 879e48c..a992ff3 100644
+ --- a/en/01-chapter2.markdown
+ +++ b/en/01-chapter2.markdown
+ @@ -553,3 +553,3 @@ You may be wondering what the difference is
+ This option adds a nice little ASCII graph showing your branch and merge history, which we can see {+in+} our copy of the Grit project repository:
GArik Apr 10, 2013

This line is too wide, it didn't fit into the page :(

Pro Git Book member

Ah... I did not check the output... Maybe find a sample of commit with a shorter line.

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