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Maker of MGT disk images for ZX Spectrum GDOS, G+DOS and Beta DOS.
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mkmgt is an MGT disk image creator for ZX Spectrum’s GDOS, G+DOS and Beta DOS.

mkmgt creates a disk image with up to 80 files (the maximum number of entries of a GDOS disk). Input TAP files (ZX Spectrum tape images) are recognized and their contents are extracted and copied to the disk with their original names, type (code, BASIC, or arrays) and attributes. Any other file is regarded as a ZX Spectrum code file and copied as such.

mkmgt is written in Forth for Gforth.


  1. Make sure this source file is executable, with the following command:

chmod ugo+x mkmgt.fs
  1. Copy, move or link <mkmgt.fs> to your path (usually <~/bin/> or </usr/local/bin/>), with the desired name (e.g. without the extension). Example command:

sudo cp mkmgt.fs /usr/local/bin/mkmgt


Usage: mkmgt [option]... [outputfile] [option]... [inputfile]...

  -?, --help         show this help
      --version      show version info
  -q, --quiet        activate quiet mode: input files will not be listed
  -t, --tap-filename use TAP filename for DOS instead of that in the tape


mkmgt is used in the <Makefile> of the following projects:

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