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Rex is a regular expression (regex) swiss-army-knife. Rex provides multiple functions for working with regular expressions on files or standard input. It is similar to the grep tool, but provides more functionality.

A good regular expression reference can be found at


To install Rex, run the following as root make install This will allow you to run Rex by simply typing rex


To remove Rex, run the following as root make uninstall


Usage: [options] <function> <expression> [files...]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             Print version info and exit
  -q, --quiet           Suppress output
  -m EXPR, --match=EXPR
                        Match expression with input
  -s EXPR, --search=EXPR
                        Search for expression match in input
  -a EXPR, --match-all=EXPR, --all=EXPR
                        Find all matches of expression in input
  -t EXPR, --split=EXPR
                        Split input at each match
  --maxsplit=MAX        Used in comination with --split, sets a maximum amount
                        of splits
  -c, --count           Used in combination with --match-all or --split, print
                        number of matches/splits instead of matches/splits
  -g GROUP, --group=GROUP
                        Print a group
  -i, --ignorecase      Ignore case when matching
  -l, --multiline       Treat input as multiline
  -n, --dotall          Make `.` match all, including newlines


rex -m "foobar[a-c]" example.file

Determine whether example.file starts with "foobar", then a letter from 'a' to 'c'. rex -g1 -s "foobar([a-c])" example.file Search for "foobar", then a letter from 'a' to 'c' in example.file, and print the found letter (group 1). rex -a "foo(.*)bar" example.file Find all text in example.file that starts with "foo" and ends with "bar". For example, "foobazbar". rex -t "foo" example.file Split text in example.file at every occurance of "foo".

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