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Custom Data Type "GND" for easydb
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This Plugin / Repo is being maintained by a community of developers. There is no warranty given or bug fixing guarantee; especially not by Programmfabrik GmbH. Please use the github issue tracking to report bugs and self organize bug fixing. Feel free to directly contact the committing developers.


This is a plugin for easyDB 5 with Custom Data Type CustomDataTypeGND for references to entities (only Differentiated Persons, Cooperates, Subject Headings, Place or geographic name) of the Integrated Authority File (GND).

The Plugins uses for the autocomplete-suggestions and EntityFacts API from Deutsche Nationalbibliothek for additional informations about GND entities. The nightly update mechanism uses the data service of


As defined in CustomDataTypeGND.config.yml this datatype can be configured:

Schema options

  • which entity types are offered for search
  • which exact type is offered

Mask options

  • whether additional informationen is loaded if the mouse hovers a suggestion in the search result

saved data

  • conceptName
    • Preferred label of the linked record
  • conceptURI
    • URI to linked record
  • _fulltext
    • easydb-fulltext
  • _standard
    • easydb-standard


The source code of this plugin is managed in a git repository at Please use the issue tracker for bug reports and feature requests!

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