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Prototype for Open Educational Resources in HigherEd in Germany/Austria/Swiss
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Quick & dirty prototype


Live demo:

Background / documentation:

(Maybe extend this idea for #TOSIoer - first draft:

Technical background

How was OER metadata obtained from, and others?

Mainly this is the same approach that Google and other search engines use: Discovering URLs by sitemap.xml file and crawl the pages (Google offers the to reindex pages and check if all pages were crawled correctly, I think thats smart for OER in the OpenWeb too)

  1. Get sitemap.xml file
  2. Search for url with specific paths, e.g. /render/ (OERBW/ZOERR) /materials/ (HOOU)
  3. Get URL (curl), parse it (Simple DOM)
  4. For OERBW/ZOERR it is wonderful & easy, because metadata is stored as json & in format in HTML source code 🙌 🙌 🙌
  5. For HOOU we need to parse the HTML source code manually (although they have metadata, but only about their organisation [submitted to them as feedback already]
  6. Push the obtained metadata to index (elastic search), handle create/update logic
  7. Enjoy

If you're nOERdy, please also check out

Also inspired by <3

Install web frontend

  1. setup config (database.php, base_url in config.php, appbase) - use /config/development/ folder, I provided examples in config/example-env
  2. import oerhoernchen_db.sql
  3. import ion_auth.sql
  4. import ci_sessions.sql
  5. Make sure to change the default password to a new password via http://localhost/auth/
  6. Make sure to change the users email address
  7. For production - set CI_ENV and use /config/production for config

Run reactjs interfaces locally

  1. "npm start" to run it locally
  2. "npm run build" to build production version
  3. Appbase config values (API-url, API-key) can be added in /public/index.html (Please use your own due to rate limiting on my instances)

Open Source Software used <3

Elastic search service


Feel free to use all source code created by me via, does not apply to external source code provided by other projects

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