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Repeater START - Showing The Amateur Repeaters Tool

This tool displays all the repeaters available through the repeater listing at

Support for searching for a Maidenhead-grid-square coordinate, WhatThreeWords Position, a mountain or peak on Openstreetmap, repeater frequency/IRLP node, or finding your current location, is included.

You can download this program for Windows 8, Windows 10, recent Ubuntu and Debian based systems at Simply download and open the file, select install. OR, if you prefer command line:

sudo dpkg -i ./repeater-start_0.7_all.deb


Linux computer/phone:

This is written in Python for GTK+. If you run it you should have:

  • Geoclue introspection - for getting your location easily.
  • libosmgpsmap introspection - for the maps widget display.

Then just run "python3"


Much of this will run on Windows. Check out the "windows" branch which has Geoclue locate-me button removed, and runs in msys2.

pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-osm-gps-map
pacman -S python3
pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-python-gobject

are requirements, for the map library and Python. Run with mingw python in the msys2 console:

cd src
/mingw64/bin/python3.exe ./


Android port is available on Github! Please see here for details.

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