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Releases: programming-journal/programming

2022 Release

07 Sep 15:58
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This release accumulates fixes and changes since v1.3a.

Notable Changes

  • NEW Direct support for cleveref and varioref. We now recommend cleveref.
  • NEW Template puts references last (after appendix instead of before)
  • minted is now recognized
  • Compatiblity with different TeXLive versions


  • Compatibility settings for several packages
    • siuntix (esp. regarding version 2 and 3
    • hyperxmp
    • xcolor loading
  • Cleanup: ifthen no longer necessay
  • Various typos and small issues
  • Support for the KOMA "subject" information

TeXLive Compatibility

This release has been tested with the following configurations

pdfLaTeX LuaLaTeX XeLaTeX
TeXLive 2016
TeXLive 2017
TeXLive 2018
TeXLive 2019
TeXLive 2020
TeXLive 2021
TeXLive 2022

Bugfix release

16 Nov 15:28
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Bugfix release Pre-release
  • Fixes/Workaround fontspec/XCharter issues for TeXLive 2017 (390a7c8)
  • FIxes for font issues with listings (137eb44)
  • Fixes various typos (0d4d12c, 6e42aa2)
  • Changes "article/page" separator to ":" (08f3dbf)

Bugfix Release

11 Jan 16:07
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  • Fixes bug with copyright when exactly two authors where specified
  • Fixes biblatex detection introduced in 5c6ee13
  • Fixes documentation for missing area specification
  • Reverts requirement of KOMA-script 3.20

December 2016 Release

16 Dec 22:33
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  • Extends examples
  • Adds license choice
  • Unifies look when using different TeX engines

Initial Release (2016)

16 Aug 18:23
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Initial template for The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming.