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Welcome to the Programming Historian wiki!

This wiki contains instructions about best practices for developing the backend of The Programming Historian, as well as pages concerning policies agreed by the Editorial Board, and generally of use only to the project team. These documents are currently only available in English.

Technical Guidance

Social Guidance

Temporary Posts Held by Team Members

Some of our roles are filled on a September-September basis by members of the Editorial Team. The current team (2018-2019) filling these roles are:

  • Maria José Afanador Llach - Spanish Managing Editor
  • Anandi Silva Knuppel - English Managing Editor
  • Anna-Maria Sichani - Meeting Chair
  • Jennifer Isasi - Spanish Technical Review Editor

Up for Deprecation

pages that no longer serve an active purpose and that are being discussed for deletion

For more on wikis see the GitHub Guide on Mastering Wikis.

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