Additional Language Sub Teams Policy

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The Programming Historian is controlled entirely by the central Editorial Board, comprised of all active members of the project team. In order to ensure that the project continues to thrive, we expect all language sub-teams (English, Spanish, French, etc.) to adhere to the following principles:

  • The sub-team is required to adhere to the author, reviewer, editor, and technical guidelines at all times. These guidelines can only be amended by the central Editorial Board.
  • The sub-team is required to adhere to the CC-BY license at all times.
  • The sub-team is required to participate actively in the central Editorial Board.
  • The central Editorial Board reserves the right to replace or amend the membership of a sub-team if it is becoming unsustainable or if it believes that the sub-team will not be able to continue the project to the level that we expect of The Programming Historian.

Translation is not purely a matter of converting lessons from English into another language. The Programming Historian is a multi-lingual project involving a large team, and so translation requires extensive teamwork and coordination across our editorial team. New language sub-teams joining the project to translate existing material and with an aim of producing original content should be prepared to adhere to the following additional principles/requirements:

  • A team of at least 3 editors, from more than one country who are committed to the project for at least two years. At least one member should have substantial experience with translation. Please note that due to our editorial board diversity commitment, we may insist on a certain number of members from different countries, and of different genders. We advise getting in touch with us before attempting to put together any teams as we may know of other people considering a similar translation.
  • A willingness of the team to engage productively with the existing multi-lingual editorial board, including contributing actively to monthly Skype meetings.
  • A commitment to our peer review system using Github and peer review for all translations and new lessons, using the workflows adopted by the rest of the team.
  • A commitment to translating and maintaining the translations of all non-lesson pages on the site as the project evolves and as policies change over time. This includes but is not limited to the following pages, which must be translated before any lessons can be hosted:
  1. the Front Page
  2. About Page
  3. Author Guidelines
  4. Contributor Guidelines
  5. Reviewer Guidelines
  6. Editor Guidelines
  7. Lesson Retirement Policy
  8. Project Team
  9. Research Outputs

Anyone interested in proposing a new translation initiative is invited to contact our Managing Editor (@JMParr) in the first instance to discuss the idea informally. We look forward to hearing from you.

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