Group project for CSE 360: Introduction to Software Engineering
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Team 21

Group project for CSE 360: Introduction to Software Engineering.


Project Guidelines -

CSE360: Team Project – 100 points, 15% of final grade


The objective is to apply software engineering principals in the creation of a project. This project will be a simple dice game, which allows users to record their statistics, and see other users’ statistics. The game should have win and lose conditions, and a minimum of 3 rules. Additionally, it should have a point or scoring system for ranking players. Users should be able to view their statistics, as well as the statistics of other players.
The project is composed of three sprints, ending 4/1, 4/15, and 4/29. Sprint deliverables are due by 11:59pm on their respective day.


  • Documents: User Stories, Use Case Diagram (Minimum) – can be changed at different iterations
  • Program: Test cases and code.
  • Environment: GitHub Activity

Week 1: 25%

  • Set up GitHub environment
  • Commit documents: minimum of use case diagram, and user stories, feature backlog
  • Each person should commit at least once, to show they are able to access the repository
  • Only documentation is required at this point

Rubric for Week 1:

  • User Stories: 10 pts
  • Use Case Diagram: 10 pts
  • GitHub: 3 pts
  • Backlog: 3 pts

Week 2 – 3: 37%

  • 50% of the backlog features should be complete
  • Documentation should be updated to reflect any changes made during the development cycle
  • Code should compile without errors
  • Unit tests for implemented features

Rubric for Week 2-3:

  • Documentation: 10 pts
  • Unit Tests: 15 pts
  • Working Code: 12 pts

Week 4 – 5: 38%

  • 100% of backlog features should be complete
  • A minimum of the project description should be implemented
  • The project should have thorough unit test coverage
  • All documentation should be up to date, reflecting any changes made during development


  • Documentation: 10 pts
  • Unit Tests: 12 pts
  • Working Code: 16 pts


The top 3 teams at the end of each sprint will receive extra credit. First place will receive 5 pts, 2nd place 3pts and 3rd place 2pts. Deliverables will be judge based on quality, completeness, ingenuity and aesthetics. Honorable mentions will be awarded after project completion for cleanest code, best test case coverage, and best documentation. Each will receive 5 pts extra credit.


Submit a link to your GitHub project to the appropriate BlackBoard assignment at the end of each sprint. Only 1 submission is required for each team.