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Examples to my talk about test driven development and dogtraining.
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A Tale About Dog Training and Test-Driven Development

Implementation of the code shown as example in my talk at RuhrJS 2019 and FrankenJS.

In hope to enable a better understanding how my workflow was, I comitted every step on it's own, so starting with the first commit you can follow my workflow step by step.


More about Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development: what it is, and what it is not.

Does Test Driven Development Work?

When TDD doesn't work.

Test Driven Development is the best thing that has happened to software design

[1] Test Driven Development By Example, Kent Beck [2] Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests, Steve Freeman, Nat Pryce [3] Test double, Martin Fowler [4] Clean Code, Chapter 10: Classes The Single Responsibility Principle, Robert C. Martin, [5] Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests, Chapter 2, Tell, Don’t Ask, Steve Freeman, Nat Pryce [6] Yagni, Martin Fowler

More about dog training

Seeing as this is still about programming I'll just put one link in here which I think is important :)

Whatever happend to the term Alpha Wolf, David Mech, 2008

"Rather than viewing a wolf pack as a group of animals organized with a “top dog” that fought its way to the top, or amale-female pair of such aggressive wolves, science has cometo understand that most wolf packs are merely family groupsformed exactly the same way as human families are formed."

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