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@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ Karger, et al. This was a key piece of founding technology at Akamai.
- We'd like a hash function in which the removal of "buckets" only requires moving the data in that bucket.
- Think about storing object *o* at node *h(o)* mod *n*. Removing a node changes *n*, and all the data reshuffles.
- - Instead, we'll hash both machines and data values to numbers on a circle. Store the data item at the next highest value on the circle that has a machine on it.
+ - Instead, we'll hash both data values *and machines* to numbers on a circle. Store the data item at the next highest value on the circle that has a machine on it.
- Upon (clean) machine join or leave, reshuffling involves moving data from only one node.
@@ -87,6 +87,11 @@ Tolerating Failure
- Replicate data at log *n* successors on the ring, and incorporate into stabilization.
+Load Balancing
+ - With random assignment, you can have skew as bad as *O*(log *n*) times the average load.
+ - Solution: Each node runs *O*(log *n*) "virtual nodes", which are independently placed on the ring; this spreads things out more evenly.
## Other DHTs
- Similar tricks, tend to vary in the way that "fingers" and "routing" are done (and terminology differs)
@@ -109,6 +114,23 @@ Soft state is a persistence contract between a producer and a proxy.
Nice properties of soft state?
- vs. "hard" state in which the proxy value must be actively deleted?
+## Routing and Indexing again.
+So remind me:
+ - What is the difference between indexing data and routing queries?
+ - Was this clear in Napster? Gnutella? Chord?
+ - Relationship to smoke signals?
+Everything interesting in distributed computing is about rendezvous in space and time.
+ - DHT is "supposed" to enable a level of indirection in space
+ - Do they solve the problem of rendezvous in time? Weak spots?
+ - atomicity of join/leave, stabilization, etc.
+ - replica management
+ - recall soft state: index is just a "proxy", not the data source
+ - atomicity of data update w.r.t. the above
+ - others?
## Some questions about Chord and DHTs in general
- We described how to maintain the routing. How about maintaining data under updates?

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