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Updated to reflect changes to the Altera mining script.

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1 parent e7d23af commit 2a98a7b26dcca05dcdf0fbdbe044fb8f00feca6c @fpgaminer fpgaminer committed
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@@ -83,17 +83,7 @@ Installation Instructions (for Terasic DE2-115)
1) *IMPORTANT*: Please remove the clear acrylic cover on your DE2-115 board. This will restrict
air flow and may cause the chip to overheat.
-2) Navigate to 'scripts/mine' and EDIT 'mine.tcl' (open in Notepad or other text editor)
-3) Locate the following lines:
- set url ""
- set userpass ""
-Edit accordingly (N.B. the script has only been tested with btcguild and deepbit so far).
-4) Save and close 'mine.tcl'
+2) Navigate to 'scripts/mine' and follow the instructions in 'config.example.tcl' (open in Notepad or other text editor)
####Do these each time you want to run the miner:
@@ -112,7 +102,7 @@ Once programming has succeeded, the DE2-115 is now ready to mine!
5) Run 'mine.bat'
-6) If working correctly, 'mine.bat' will leave a console window open which will fill with diagnostic information as it runs.
+6) If working correctly, 'mine.bat' will leave a console window open where it reports hashing rate, estimated hashing rate and accepted/rejected share information.
7) Profit!

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