A python script to send data from the sensors attached to my raspberry pi to my server
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This repo contains software that goes into my raspberry pi.


  • Otto-ai An intelligent bot with a lot of features and it's even expandable.
  • BME680, the library for the Bosch chip to measure air quality, relative humidity and more
  • Enviro-phat, the python library for the Enviro-phat module for the raspberry pi. It measures, temperature, atm pressure, light and more


Contains a script in the sensor folder that acts as a controller for all the sensors attached to the Raspberry and sends the data to my server (WIP) Also in here, a setup script to install some software when setting up the Raspberry for the first time

## Main functions of this raspberry pi are 2, VPN wifi hotspot and environment monitoring at the same time

VPN router

The VPN router is done following this guide https://geeklifier.wordpress.com/2017/09/14/raspberry-pi-as-access-point-vpn-gateway/ as suggested by John Byrne Works perfectly sending all the trafic from the clients through the VPN

Environment monitor

The sensors folder contains a simple python program that records data from the envirophat and bme860 sensors and sends them to a server API to be stored