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💡 A place to collect ideas for Progressive HackNight projects
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Progressive HackNight: Project Ideas

Want to start a Progressive HackNight project?

Share your idea with us!

Looking to jump into an existing project?

About the Progressive HackNight Team

Progressive HackNight is a bi-weekly gathering of coders and creatives, makers and doers, to foment and inspire action. We use our collective talents and abilities to push forward pro-social change in benefit of the common good.

Progressive HackNight is an open source organization. We make our projects freely and openly available. GitHub is where we collaborate. There are some really handy tools here, including a feature called Issues. This is where we can break projects into manageable problems for collaborators to solve together.

We hope you find what you're looking for, but if you need help, you can email us here!

Thanks for co-creating with us!

How To Propose or Discuss Project Ideas

GitHub Issues work just like any other commenting system on the Internet.

First, you'll need to create an account.

Then you have two options:

Comment on an existing idea (a.k.a. "issue")

Scroll through the issues list first to see if anyone's already thinking the same way! If you see an idea that catches your eye, click on it, read the discussion, and then add your thoughts to the bottom of the discussion thread. If you see the Needs Leadership label, bring it up at a hack night, and if you're up for it you can take the lead on it!

Or, create a new idea.

If you don't see the idea you have in mind, add a new one. You'll need a title and description. Someone from the Progressive HackNight Team will respond, likely with some questions or feedback, and assign you to the issue to indicate you are leading the effort.

Here's a quick video intro on using Github Issues for discussion.

Next Steps

  • Please make a status update to your issues at least once a month to keep others informed. If we don't hear from you after some time, we might assume you've moved on and will ask others to take the lead.

  • If nobody's talking yet, it might be that your idea needs some more fleshing out. We highly recommend starting a Discussion Group to talk to other community members about your idea and eventually create a Working Group from that. You can also check out this helpful tool from Open Austin for thinking through a project's lifecycle: Civic Tech Canvas as a next step.

  • If you're willing to be the project lead on this project, you should let one of our organizers know. GitHub is the platform we're using to collect and vet ideas and then convert them into active projects. Pinging an organizer will allow us to begin the conversation to move your project into the active projects list and get going!

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