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Remoteform is intended for CiviCRM users who maintain their web site on a separate server from their CiviCRM installation (e.g. for Powerbase users).

With remoteform you can add a fully functional CiviCRM form to a remote web site via a few lines of javascript code. Your site visitors will no longer need to be re-directed to your CiviCRM installation to fill out a profile or make a contribution. There is no need to match your CiviCRM theme with your web site look and feel. The entire interaction takes place on your own web site.

Furthermore, with the help of a fully documented api users with advanced javascript and CSS skills can make the form look exactly how you want it, so it completely blends in with your web site's look and feel.

To use Remoteform, your web site must run via https.

Using Remoteform is a two step process.

  1. Set things up in CiviCRM.
  2. Set things up on your web site

Before you begin, be sure you are logged into both CiviCRM and your web site.

In CiviCRM

First, install and enable the Remoteform extension.

Second, click Adminstration -> Customize data and screens -> Remote Forms.

Enter your web site's address. Only the addresses listed here will be able to submit forms to your CiviCRM instance.

Choose URLs to allow

Third, edit the profile or contribution page to enable remoteform. Here's an example of a profile page (look in Profile Settings -> Advanced Settings):

Enable remoteform for a contribution

If you want to place a contribution page on your web site, you will see the same field option on the main Title configuration tab of all your contribution pages.

Important: Be sure to click save after you click the checkbox! If you don't save the profile or contribution page, then Remoteform will not work.

Once saved, then go back in and copy the javascript code.

In your web site

Everyone's web site is different. Here are examples for how to paste in javascript code on Drupal and Wordpress, two of the most popular tools for building web sites.

Most web site editing tools do not let you paste in javascript code without making some kind of adjustment.


When you add your javascript code, you may get an error telling you to check the console log.

Check console log

You can do that in either Firefox or Chrome by right clicking on the page and choosing the Inspector. Below is what it looks like in Firefox.

Right click to inspect

Click the Console tab, and check for messages.

Check console log

In this case, the error message is telling us that CORS is not set correctly. That means that the web site your pasting the javascript code into has not bee properly configured in CiviCRM on the Remote Forms page.