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A porting of memcached/memcached-tool
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memcached-tool - A porting of memcached/memcached-tool



# Ported style from original memcached-tool
memcached-tool <host[:port] | /path/to/socket> [mode] [options]

# Without 1st arg, connects by default
memcached-tool [mode] [options]

# You can provide <addr> or <mode> by option style
memcached-tool --addr|-a <host[:port] | /path/to/socket> --mode|-m <mode> [options]
memcached-tool --mode|-m <mode> [options]

Modes Summary:

memcached-tool [addr] [options]          # same with 'display'
memcached-tool [addr] display  [options] # show slabs
memcached-tool [addr] stats    [options] # show general stats
memcached-tool [addr] settings [options] # show settings stats
memcached-tool [addr] dump     [options] # dumps keys and values

Mode for Development:

memcached-tool [addr] sizes [options]    # shows sizes stats

Type memcached-tool man to check the risk of this command.

Help or Manual:

memcached-tool help|-h|--help
memcached-tool man|--man


This script is a porting of memcached/memcached-tool which is in the public domain.

Follwing description comes from man(1) of original memcached-tool:

The first parameter specifies the address of the daemon either by a hostname, optionally followed by the port number (the default is 11211), or a path to UNIX domain socket. The second parameter specifies the mode in which the tool should run.


Following description comes from man(1) or usage of original memcached-tool.

  • display

    Print slab class statistics. This is the default mode if no mode is specified. The printed columns are:

    • #

      Number of the slab class.

    • Item_Size

      The amount of space each chunk uses. One item uses one chunk of the appropriate size.

    • Max_age

      Age of the oldest item in the LRU.

    • Pages

      Total number of pages allocated to the slab class.

    • Count

      Number of items presently stored in this class. Expired items are not automatically excluded.

    • Full?

      Yes if there are no free chunks at the end of the last allocated page.

    • Evicted

      Number of times an item had to be evicted from the LRU before it expired.

    • Evict_Time

      Seconds since the last access for the most recent item evicted from this class.

    • OOM

      Number of times the underlying slab class was unable to store a new item.

  • stats

    Print general-purpose statistics of the daemon. Each line contains the name of the statistic and its value.

  • dump

    Make a partial dump of the cache written in the add statements of the memcached protocol.

  • settings

    Show settings stats.

  • sizes

    Shows sizes stats.

    WARNING: This is a development command.

    As of 1.4 it is still the only command which will lock your memcached instance for some time.

    If you have many millions of stored items, it can become unresponsive for several minutes.

    Run this at your own risk. It is roadmapped to either make this feature optional or at least speed it up.


  • -t|--timeout=Int

    Sets connection timeout. Default is 5 seconds.

  • -d|--debug

    Shows debug logs.


App::Memcached::Tool, memcached(1),




Copyright (C) 2015 YASUTAKE Kiyoshi.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. That means either (a) the GNU General Public License or (b) the Artistic License.

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