An extensible SMS-based BBS system / application platform
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An extensible SMS-based BBS/wiki system


Requires a Google Voice account and the Python libraries BeautifulSoup and simplejson (easy_install BeautifulSoup simplejson)

How it works

When you run python it will ask you for your Google Account for Google Voice. Your Google Voice number is now a wiki service.

Using the Wiki

Get wiki pages by sending a text with the name of the page. Edit pages by sending a text with the name of the page, a space, and the content of the page. For example:

Texting HelloWorld Hi! :) to your number will create HelloWorld. You'll get a text back of the current version of the page, just as you'd see when you request it. Texting HelloWorld will get you the same response. The response includes a footer that has the author's number and when this page was last edited. For example, HelloWorld might look like this:

Hi! :) 5551234/2s

This shows the page was edited by 555-1234 about 2 seconds ago.

You can append content to a page by using the + modifier at the end of the page name. For example, after creating HelloWorld from the above, texting HelloWorld+ Bye! will return something like:

Hi! :) Bye! 5551234/3s

You have a special page using your phone number as the page name that only you can edit. Use it as a profile or public homepage. You have to create it first, so: 5551234 My homepage!

Now go make lots of pages! Serve up microcontent over SMS. :)



ShortNet evolved from ShortWiki, a spontaneous one-night hack project at Hacker Dojo.