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-# Ginkgo
+# Ginkgo v0.5.0dev
-Lightweight service framework on top of gevent, implementing the "service model" -- services all the way down.
+Lightweight service framework on top of gevent, implementing the "service model" -- services all the way down.
+Please note that this version is major rewrite since 0.3.1, hence
+skipping 0.4.0. Take a look at UPGRADING and some of the documentation
+might be out of date during transition.
+## Features
+* Service model -- Break your app down into services and sub-services.
+ Modules, if you will, that can start, stop, and reload. Every service
+ manages its own pool of greenlets.
+* Configuration -- Built-in, reloadable configuration based on Python
+ files. Access configuration settings relative to services.
+* Runner -- Command-line tool to manage your service that can daemonize,
+ chroot, drop privs, and set up or override configuration.
+## Demo
+A talk was given at PyCon 2012 called "Throwing Together Distributed
+Services with gevent" that used Ginkgo to build a number of simple
+services combined to make a more complex distributed service.
+* [PyCon 2012 Video](
+* [PyCon 2012 Slides](
+* [Source code used in talk](
+## Mailing List
+Pretty active discussion on this early microframework. Join it or just
+read what's being planned:
+* [Ginkgo-dev Google Group](
## Contributing
@@ -17,14 +46,17 @@ We highly recommend using branches for all features / issues and then squashing
We're aiming for at least 90% test coverage. If you have the `coverage` Python package installed, you can run `python coverage` to get a coverage report of modules within gservice.
-## Authors
+## Contributors
* [Jeff Lindsay](
* [Sean McQuillan](
* [Alan Shreve](
* [Chad Selph](
* [Ryan Larrabure](
+ * [Marc Abramowitz](
+ * [David Wilemski](
## License

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