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@@ -6,15 +6,16 @@ endpoints when you push code to it.
## Requirements
-You need a Linux server with git and sshd installed.
+You need a Linux server with `git` and `sshd` installed.
## Installing
On your server, run:
$ curl | bash
-This will install `gitreceive` into /usr/local/bin
+This will install `gitreceive` into `/usr/local/bin`. Alternatively,
+clone this repo and put `gitreceive` wherever you want.
## Using gitreceive
@@ -40,11 +41,22 @@ By default it will POST all the data to a RequestBin:
-F contents=@- \
--silent $URL
+The username is just a name associated with a public key. The
+fingerprint of the key is sent so you can authenticate against the
+public key you might have for that user.
+The repo contents are streamed into `STDIN` as an uncompressed tar archive. You can put them into a directory on the server with a line like this in your receiver script:
+ mkdir -p /some/path && cat | tar -x -C /some/path
#### Create a user by uploading a public key from your laptop
$ cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh "gitreceive upload-key progrium"
+The username is just an arbitrary name associated with the key, mostly
+for use in your system for auth, etc.
#### Add a remote to a local repository
$ git remote add demo
@@ -73,6 +85,7 @@ feedback to the user and affect workflow. Use `gitreceive` to:
* Deploy on any arbitrary platform
* Run your build/test system as a separate remote
* Integrate custom systems into your workflow
+* Build your own Heroku
* Push code anywhere
## License

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