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You can use `gitreceive` not only to trigger code on `git push`, but to provide
feedback to the user and affect workflow. Use `gitreceive` to:
-* Deploy on any arbitrary platform
-* Run your build/test system as a separate remote
+* Put a `git push` deploy interface in front of App Engine
+* Run your company build/test system as a separate remote
* Integrate custom systems into your workflow
* Build your own Heroku
* Push code anywhere
+I used to work at Twilio. Imagine pushing a repo
+with a TwiML file to a repo with a phone number for a name. And then it
+runs that TwiML on Twilio and shows you the result.
+Another idea: When it's so easy to handle pushed code, how about
+creating a screen in the office that will display whatever code is
+pushed to it.
## Contribute
This whole system is contained in a single bash script less than 100

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