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Open notification platform for the web
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README.markdown is the open notification platform for the web.

These notes are for people that are interested in contributing or learning about about works. If you just want to use it to get notifications, sign up at

Getting Started

You need the Python App Engine SDK installed. To start the server -p 8081 www

If your shell can't find the command, you need to create a symlink to this command.

Alternatively, if you don't want to use the shell you can use the App Engine Launcher.

Note: When running in development mode, these outlets will not work:

  • Desktop Notifier
  • Email (unless you set it up)
  • any outlet that requires keys

Running tests

You'll need these packages:

Run the test suite with:

nosetests --with-gae

or edit your .noserc accordingly. Make sure you're in the www directory.

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