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phase 1

Functional parity with Realtime minus delegates. Proof of concept.

  • WSGI web frontend that uses Middleware for routing
  • ClusterRoster API (not specific to any polling/push mechanism)
  • HttpStream "gateway" middleware
  • WebSocket "gateway" middleware
  • Filtering
  • Functional tests pass
  • Performance tests exist

phase 2

Some form of delegates for business logic. Ready for deploy.

  • Utils to encourage JWT based auth
  • Real business logic out of scope (this is public!)
  • Unit tests exist
  • Performance optimizations

phase 3

Immediate improvements

  • Sessions / "semi-reliable messaging"
  • Node affinity
  • Websocket multiplexing and publishing

phase 4

Future improvements

  • Delivery acknowledgement / "reliable messaging"
  • HTTP long-polling
  • Webhooks?
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