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DNS over HTTP. Serve DNS with a REST API
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A protocol and implementation for doing DNS over HTTP. It's a work in progress.

WebDNS Gateway

This gateway is a DNS server and WebDNS client. It allows you to serve DNS queries via HTTP to DNS via this gateway.

Run on port 1053 with:

PORT=1053 python gateway

By default this points to the Domdori WebDNS server, which is a non-recursive, authoritative DNS host for Domdori users. You can point to another WebDNS server with:

PORT=1053 BASE_URL= python gateway

WebDNS Server

As you might expect, a WebDNS server is just a web server/application. For a reference implementation see this App Engine module for Domdori.


This work is a collaboration of Joel Franusic and Jeff Lindsay for the Domdori project. Joel's work on this project is here.



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