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Matrix bot convert voice messages to text over cloud api
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Matrix bot convert voice messages to text over cloud api.


  1. Invite this bot to your matrix-room.
  2. If any user in this room send voice message - bot give this message,
  3. Send to cloud (now yandex) for translate it to text
  4. send result text as notify-message to this room.


  1. create bot matrix account as simple user account.
  2. get yandex oauth-token at this link: yandex speach cloud API settings:
  3. set options at bot config: oauth="XXXXXX"
  4. get folder id (from default) at yandex: May be you need create pay account for this by link:
  5. setup options at config: folder_id = "XXXXXX"
  6. install boto3 by: pip install boto3
  7. install pydub by: pip install pydub
  8. install audio tools: apt-get install libav-tools libavcodec-extra
  9. mkdir ~/.aws
  10. cp and edit: cp aws_credentials.example ~/.aws/credentials (get key from, enter catalog, enter service account, create access key , store key_id and key_secret to this config )
  11. cp aws_config.example ~/.aws/config
  12. create "auth key" (as 10.) and save private key as file key.pem. Set in service_secret_key_path="key.pem"
  13. install jwt by: pip install PyJWT
  14. run
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