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license ubuntu mac windows node python R torch

Saturn is opensource Machine Learning Framework.

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  • Support multi-language: python, node, markdown
  • Distribution your work using remote
  • Unit test available, even though asynchronous loop
  • Mailing on event (error, finish)

Quick Reference

Related Projects

  • saturn
    • Web based GUI framework
  • saturn-core
    • Core for running and compile
    • will be update language module for supporting more languages
  • saturn-docker
    • Docker for easy install


Using Docker

  • Installation & Run

    docker pull proin/saturn
    docker run -it --name saturn -v ~/workspace/saturn:/workspace -p 3000:3000 proin/saturn
  • Run as Daemon

    docker run -d --name saturn -v ~/workspace/saturn:/workspace -p 3000:3000 proin/saturn
    docker kill saturn #if you want to kill process
  • Restart

    docker restart saturn
  • Attach Running Container

    docker exec -i -t saturn /bin/bash

Build from Source

  • Clone & Build

    npm install -g lwot
    git clone 
    cd saturn
    bower install
    cp ./controller/express/config-sample.json ./controller/express/config.json
    lwot install
    lwot build
    lwot express run
    # then started at your browser, localhost:3000
  • Run as Daemon

    lwot express forever start # after launched, press Ctrl+C
    lwot express forever stop # stop daemon
    lwot express forever log # show logs
  • Update

    • you can easily update saturn in web. just click update.
    • or run sh in Unix systems


  • you can change configuration editing by ./controller/express/config.json file

        "port": 3000, // server port to bind
        "home": "./saturn-project", // workspace home, start from USER HOME
        "dev": true, // display express log
        "log": true, // display thread log
        "hostname": "http://localhost", // direct url
        "smtp": { // emailjs configuration object
            "host": "",
            "user": "",
            "password": "password",
            "ssl": true
        "mailingList": ",", // who are received? 
        "mailingOn": {
            "error": true, // mail when error occured 
            "finish": true // mail when work finished
        "readonly": true, // readable project for whom not signin users
        "user": "admin", // admin user
        "password": "admin123", // admin password
        "session": {
            "secret": "sAtuRN-seSsIon-sEcreT",
            "resave": false,
            "saveUninitialized": false
        "MAX_LOG": 500, // display log size
        "encrypt": "sAtuRn"


Machine Learning

  • you can use machine learning libraries in saturn
  • now saturn supports python (including tensorflow), R, torch
  • in saturn-docker installation, all frameworks are embedded in there.

Code with Markdown

  • saturn support markdown editor in project
  • you can write down code more effectively

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Mailing on Event

  • you can receive email when the work is finished or occured warning or error
  • you no longer have to wait for the job to finish

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  • you can use graph by making structure & calling function.
  • for more usage, refer chart demo

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Remote Server

  • Distribute some work using remote features
  • you can easily distribute in [project > remote]

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System Terminal

  • You can use system terminal where saturn is installed
  • This allow to only GRANTALL user

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Future Works

  • Support Machine Learning Frameworks if it is possible
    • Torch
    • Caffe
    • R