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Project Alice

A smart voice assistant that guarantees your privacy

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Project Alice is a smart voice home assistant that is completely modular and extensible. It was first built around Snips (now belonging to Sonos) therefore runs entirely offline and never sends or shares your voice interactions with anyone, Project Alice guarantees your privacy in your home or wherever you’re using Project Alice.

However, as an option, Project Alice can be configured to use some online alternatives and fall backs (for example, using Amazon or Google’s Text to Speech engines). Since we strongly believe that decisions about your privacy should be made by you and you alone, these options are all disabled by default.


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  1. ProjectAlice ProjectAlice Public

    Main repository of Project Alice, contains main unit source code

    Python 694 61

  2. ProjectAliceSkills ProjectAliceSkills Public

    A repository containing all curated skills made by the community

    Python 23 14

  3. ProjectAliceSatellite ProjectAliceSatellite Public

    Official code for your satellites

    Python 3 3

  4. HermesLedControl HermesLedControl Public

    Provides an easy way to control your leds in an Hermes environment

    Python 85 41

  5. webui webui Public

    JavaScript 2 3

  6. AliceCLI AliceCLI Public

    Python 1 7


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