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@MarkPfennig MarkPfennig released this Feb 18, 2015 · 553 commits to master since this release

This version of Bitmark Core aligns with Bitcoin 0.9.4, including post release updates.

This version of the 0.9.x series core has seeding from DNS. Previous versions of Bitmark Core will also automatically use seeds from DNS.


  • Download
  • Backup your wallet (File > Backup Wallet)
  • Close Bitmark
  • Run the installer / update
  • Open Bitmark


  • Limit the number of new addresses to accumulate
  • Disable SSLv3 (in favor of TLS) for the RPC client and server.
  • Guard against openssl's new strict DER checks
  • Fail immediately on an empty signature
  • Upgrade to openssl-1.0.1k.tar.gz
  • Improve robustness of DER recoding code


ca728ee818949029f54556a6b8955d3328b7dbf7dbd561ffef774d2ba7250d43  bitmark-0.9.4-linux.tar.gz
380edafb1677ea81dc33eac16819f347ba3cace9101f3fb00c12ae1b4238bc4b  bitmark-0.9.4-win32-setup.exe
bbd6f14146fb15aaef9ad616f36a0ca62cdac6268a84b9ef3976dc6581ec40f0  bitmark-0.9.4-win64-setup.exe
767acd0d1fd646a5fab6f69eb9b7ea54be043e002d10b8ab8e81cc96cca85fbb  bitmark-0.9.4-qt.dmg
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