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Combining a stable currency platform with an engaging people-first viral distribution programme, Project Bitmark aims to empower people in all aspects of their life, and hopes to become the cornerstone of digital commerce.

The Bitmark Cryptographic Currency Platform comprises:

Currency Novel high volume low latency reputation backed deflationary cryptographic currency. Each currency unit is a divisible transferable token designed to be earned and passed as reputation from person to person, capturing the associated value, distributing the supply, and reflecting value over time.

Software Backwards and forwards compatible with the existing/future infrastructure built around Bitcoin, adheres to the strictest Quality Assurance standards, and offers an improved and easy to integrate programmable interface (API) providing simple secure access to data and functionality.

Transaction Ledger A peer-to-peer distributed transaction ledger, offering all the benefits of Bitcoin's Blockchain, whilst optimized to process transactions quickly and consistently.

Network Secured with a proven algorithm which limits adverse effects of technological leaps in mining hardware, configured to promote security through decentralization of mining, and balanced to distribute new currency supply fairly between miners.

Maturation Feature improvements are standardized and implemented following identification and maturation of useful innovative solutions to user requirements from the growing alternative currency sector.

Application Everyday usage and wide acceptance entail an integrate everything approach. Daily development is focussed on applying Bitmark to all aspects of life, and integrating every technical and physical system possible.

The Distributed Bitmark Foundation To engage and welcome industry specialists in all sectors to collaborate together in order to transparently plan, openly develop, and rapidly execute all aspects of Project Bitmark. Uniting and underpinning all efforts is focus on ease of use, the shared mantra 'earned value', and the common understanding that those involved are developing Bitmark for use by friends, family, businesses, and of course themselves, in every avenue of life.

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