DIY quadcopter flight controller board.
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Trifle Flight Control Unit

Trifle is a flight controller board for quadcopters. As the name implies, the board itself does very little except breakout a microcontroller board and contain an intertial measurement unit.

Active components

The main active components contained on the board are:


The provided layout is such that the board can be hand-assembled on a perf-board. Ports include:

  • 1 power connector (5V)
  • 1 voltage measurement port (12.6V max, i.e. LiPo battery 3S)
  • 4 main PWM outputs, used to control motor speed
  • 2 auxiliary PWM outputs
  • 2 UARTs, for telemetry and GPS (telemetry is also used as radio control)
  • 1 ultrasonic distance sensor interface (using echo and trigger pins)


Currently work-in-progress, the goal is to provide support for the PX4 autopilot firmware.


Design files are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.