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Daneel Product Roadmap


So far : A big-data system collecting 1 M entries per day, analyzing in real-time the crypto market. A smart assistant able to answer to user on every question related to a project, and ICO, events, prices, news, and many more. Daneel's training continues every day: it is enhanced by questions from all users of the platform. The ability to learn with Daneel by asking educational questions : “What is Blockchain ?”. The power of A.I and Machine Learning at your service : insights, trends, market sentiment, and price predictions. Daneel in your hand with the mobile application (currently in closed alpha test).


2017Q2: Idea

Understanding cryptocurrency and Blockchain challenges for users. Workshops:

  • A.I dedicated to crypto investments
  • IBM Watson to detect accurate and reliable information on the crypto field

Meetings with crypto users (public, industries, professionals, traders). Defining product and core-features.

Testing ideas in front of users (meetings, web, forums).

2017Q3: R&D

Development of a big-data system to collect information all over the web.

  • Newsfeeds (press & social medias | 4000 different sources of information)
  • Prices

Development of algorithms and machine learning models to filter, analyze, and score information :

  • Emotion analysis
  • Market sentiment metering
  • Trends and most-mentioned keywords

2017Q4: PoC

Development of a web application to showcase the results.

Study of the cryptocurrency world : scams, fake-news, price manipulation, hacks, regulation, high-volatility.

The problem to solve with our A.I : “ How to determine patterns in this jungle of information, and bring reliable information to users ?”

Workshops with IT schools.

2018Q1: Alpha development – part 1

Collecting ideas from the community : contest « Ask Daneel ! Help us to improve Daneel ».

Choice of technologies : Spark, R, Python, NodeJS, ElasticSearch, DialogFlow, IBM Watson, Ionic framework.

General architecture design and start of Development of the Big-Data system :

  • Conception
  • Collect currency description and specifications for every project
  • Collect data from specialized press
  • Collect data from social medias
  • Collect ICOs data
  • Collect events data
  • Collect prices
  • Collect data from external other APIs

Increase database performance.

2018Q2: Alpha development – part 2

Development of API system :

  • Conception
  • Filter and index keys
  • Access to a selection of information
  • Improving security
  • OAuth

Conception of algorithms and machine learning models dedicated for :

  • Market sentiment analysis (IBM Watson)
  • Trends analysis (algo)
  • Emotion metering (IBM Watson)
  • Project scoring (algo + machine learning)
  • Price prediction (machine learning model)

Creation of a knowledge-base dedicated to the crypto/Blockchain world (for education questions).

  • 300 questions and answers about concepts, mechanisms, trading.

2018Q3: Alpha development – part 3

Smart assistant development (daneel) :

  • 9 months incubation in a motherboard
  • Birth (July 1st, 2018)
  • Learns how to talk
  • Learns how say his name
  • Learns politeness
  • Talks with the team through a Google Home
  • Learns cryptocurrency and Blockchain words and concepts (entities)
  • Learns basic questions
  • Connection to its brain (Big-Data and A.I systems)
  • Learns how to use information to respond
  • Training (a lot of training)
  • Learning French language
  • Learning Italian language
  • Learning German language
  • Learning Polish language
  • Learning Spanish language

Development of API system :

  • User management
  • Rate limit (anti-flood)

Mobile app development :

  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Authentication system development
  • Dashboard view development
  • Smart assistant integration
  • Settings view & User profile and preferences
  • Insights view development (predictions)
  • UI implementation

Data integration in Mobile app :

  • Educational content (50/300 questions/answers)
  • Newsfeed
  • Scores (market, sentiment, projects)
  • Prediction for #BTC

2018Q4: Beta-testing

Launch of the Mobile App :

  • [ALPHA] : September 15th : team, advisors, ambassadors, partners
  • [BETA] : October 15th for registered beta-testers (
  • [PUBLIC v1] : December 1st

During these phases :

  • Monitoring feedbacks of testers.
  • Add features to the Mobile application :
    • Share content (on social medias)
    • Store content on device (lists)

Conception of algorithms and machine learning models dedicated for :

  • Fact news checker (Fact or Opinion ? Fake News ?)

2019 Q1: Exchanges and Blockchain monitoring

Develop new Machine Learning models :

  • Detect information which will have a significant and immediate impact on the market (example: “ETF refused by SEC”)
  • Detect oriented or manipulated information (opinion, manipulation, paid- content, sponsored content, fake news) -> “Reliability score” Add to the Big-data system :
  • Filter data with low “reliability score”
  • Connection to multiple exchanges to track trades, prices, and order-books.
  • Ability to find the best pair on all exchanges to convert to fiat
  • Ability fo find the best exchange for a pair
  • Blockchain activity record : transactions, number of wallets, speed, transaction- price

Add to the mobile application :

  • “Reliability score” display for every information
  • Prediction for multiple currencies
  • Educational content (150/300 questions/answers)

2019 Q2: Portfolio monitoring and Professional Web-application

Add to the BigData system :

  • GitHub tracking
  • Youtube tracking
  • Google trends tracking
  • Detailled ICO stats

Add to the Mobile application :

  • Portfolio view : Track user investments (by tracking public address, exchange API-key, or manual input), show current and predicted impact of the news and the market sentiment.
  • Educational content (300/300 questions/answers)
  • Speech-to-text for daneel.

Launch of the professional web tool : web application to manage efficiently a portfolio, personalized reports, follow trends, and get insights to discover new projects.

  • Planned features for the web application :
    • Portfolio management
    • Personalized news feed
    • Search & Query database directly
    • Smart assistant integration
    • Personalized reports daily/weekly
    • Project page : ICOs, currencies
    • Detailled graphs : price/market sentiment/predictions

Google Home alpha-launch

2019 Q3: Trading indicators and alerts

Add to the API system :

  • Calculation of trading indicators
  • Price alerts
  • Detection of abnormal movements : prices, volume, indicators Add to the mobile application :
  • Push notification for news, and price alerts
  • Languages translations (including smart assistant) Opening APIs to partners, and Daneel integration on crypto exchange platforms.

Add to the professional web tool :

  • Whitepaper and website analysis (ICO scoring with Machine learning)

2019Q4: HybridA.I (with social contributions)

Conception of a Hybrid A.I : Algorithms/Machine Learning systems + community contributions. Add to the Mobile application :

  • Upvote/downvote a content (reliability, relevance, timing)
  • Community insights
  • Community analysis
  • Community driven emotionnal score