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Project Error

Project Error is a collective of developers that share similar opinions regarding best practices.


  1. npwd npwd Public

    NPWD is a FiveM phone resource written entirely in TypeScript and React.

    TypeScript 301 253

  2. pefcl pefcl Public

    pefcl (PE-Financial) is a financial banking resource for FiveM written in TypeScript and React.

    TypeScript 50 54

  3. fivem-react-boilerplate-lua fivem-react-boilerplate-lua Public template

    Basic Lua & React (TypeScript) boilerplate for FiveM

    TypeScript 145 81

  4. pe-utils pe-utils Public

    A collection of V8 specific utilities used by the Project Error team.

    TypeScript 12 4

  5. pe-fake-plate pe-fake-plate Public

    Fake plate resource for FiveM that allows players to apply plates to vehicles.

    Lua 16 8

  6. pe-basicloading pe-basicloading Public

    A simple yet robust FiveM loading screen supporting markdown.

    JavaScript 22 16


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