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Project Error Basic Loading

A very basic, yet still robust and extendable, loading screen.

license Discord

You can find a short preview video here


  • Customizable tip section that can be switched through
  • Markdown support for tip section content. Also allows for navigation using the Left and Right arrow keys
  • Customizable animated backgrounds that smoothly transition
  • CSS/JS cursor implementation, allowing for its use while loading
  • Special markdown link parsing allowing for users to click on markdown links that will open in the user's default browser

Quick Start

  1. Download the latest release from here
  2. Unzip and drag the pe-basicloading folder into your resources directory
  3. Add ensure pe-basicloading to your server.cfg

Note: This resource uses the MANUAL_SHUTDOWN feature. You can learn more about that here

Config Options

The config can be found in web/config.js. This holds a plethora of configuration options.

Option Description Example
LOADSCREEN_TIPS An array of TipObjects for displaying in the loading screen Here
TIP_CHANGE_INTERVAL The interval (ms) at which Tips change automatically TIP_CHANGE_INTERVAL = 12000
BACKGROUND_CHANGE_INTERVAL The interval (ms) at which backgrounds automatically switch BACKGROUND_CHANGE_INTERVAL = 15000
BACKGROUND_IMAGES An array of file names for images present in the web/backgrounds folder. BACKGROUND_IMAGES = ["1.jpg","2.jpg"]
ENABLE_GFM_MARKDOWN Whether to enable the Github Flavored Markdown spec for the parser ENABLE_GFM_MARKDOWN = true
ENABLE_SERVER_LOGO Whether to enable the server logo ENABLE_SERVER_LOGO = true
SERVER_LOGO_POSITION Where to place logo if enabled SERVER_LOGO_POSITION = 'top-left'
SERVER_LOGO_FILE_NAME The name of your logo file within "logo/" directory SERVER_LOGO_FILE_NAME = 'logo.png'
MUSIC_ENABLED Enable loading music MUSIC_ENABLED = true
MUSIC_START_VOLUME The volume for loading music (0 - 1.0) MUSIC_START_VOLUME = 0.5
MUSIC_FILE_NAME The name of the music file to play in the "music/" folder MUSIC_FILE_NAME = 'music.mp3'


Adding Backgrounds

Adding or replacing images is very simple.

  1. First ensure that the image is in the web/backgrounds folder.
  2. Then open the web/config.js file and add the exact filename for your image to the BACKGROUND_IMAGES array.

📁 web/config.js

// An array of image files that are available in the `bg` folder
export const BACKGROUND_IMAGES = [

Adding Tips

This loadscreen employs dynamic tooltips as one of its main features. These are defined in the web/config.js file under the LOADSCREEN_TIPS array.

The data structure of tooltips are fairly simple, they are defined with a title and a content property. Here's a simple example.

    title: 'My Tooltip Title',
    content: 'This is the markdown compatible content that will be shown on screen'

Markdown Compatible Content

An important thing to note with Tips is that the content property is markdown compatible. Meaning you can employ the same syntax that you might be comfortable with while for example using Discord.

Structure in Config

    title: 'Markdown Render',
    content: '**This is bold**. But this is not. [This is a link!]('

Rendered Output img

The markdown parser utilized is fully compliant with the original spec and around 60% compliant with CommonMarkdown spec. Github Flavored Markdown can also be enabled in the config.js.

Script Integration

This loading screen can be implemented directly into scripts easily. As a standalone script, it will wait for the spawnPlayer event to be triggered by spawnmanager before shutting down. If you wish to control its behavior directly, use the following convars and exports



  • Description: Controls whether script should auto shutdown loading on playerSpawned event
  • Usage: set pe-basicloading:disableAutoShutdown 1



  • Description: Will shutdown the loading frame and cleanup.
  • Usage: exports["pe-basicloading"]:shutdown()


Licensed under MIT