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* Initial check-out of "After the Storm", Invasion from the Unknown's

* sequel, by shadowmaster/shikadilord

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After the Storm - Storyboard
By Ignacio R. Morelle (Shadow Master/ShikadiLord).
Global defeat conditions:
- Death of Galas
- Death of Elynia
- Death of Mal Keshar
Scenario 1:
Elynia, Mal Keshar and Galas have travelled for long towards the Aragwaith country.
They stop by a town in a valley, and defend it against a group of Chaos followers
led by Magus Ilce'than. The peasants tell them news of the elvish revolt.
Side 1: Galas (Elvish Wayfarer) (leader) (resilient+quick)
Elynia (Sylvan Faerie)
Mal Keshar (Ancient Lich)
Recruit list: Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Walking Corpse, Sprite, Vampire Bat
Gold: {DIFF 170 190 210}
Team: Galas
Side 2: Morzey (Sergeant) (leader) (quick+strong)
Recruit list: Peasant, Woodsman, Ruffian
Gold: {DIFF 150 140 130}
Team: Galas
Side 3: Ilce'than (Chaos Magus) (leader) (strong+intelligent)
Recruit list: Chaos Invoker, Chaos Invader, Chaos Headhunter
Gold: {DIFF 180 210 250}
Team: Chaos
Victory conditions: standard
Scenario 2: High Pass
The group moves across the mountains, and stumble upon undead. They must defeat the
lich that leads them, Mal Ciphan. When destroying him they learn it was another servant
to Yechnagoth, and find a prisoner in his keep, Kri'tan - a small boy who barely
remembers his name.
Side 2: Mal Ciphan (Lich) (leader) (undead+resilient)
Recruit list: Ghoul, Walking Corpse, Ghost, Skeleton, Skeleton Archer
Gold: {DIFF 170 190 220}
Team: Undead
Side 3: Nyadien (Draug) (leader) (undead)
Recruit list: Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Walking Corpse
Gold: {DIFF 150 180 210}
Team: Undead
Side 4: Kri'tan (???) (strong+quick)
Team: Galas
(dummy side)
Acquired side 1 units: Kri'tan (???) (strong+quick)
Victory conditions: standard
Scenario 3: Civil War
The group finally finds the elves - fighting each other (wild elves vs. sylvans), however,
and they do not recognize Galas as a leader, nor Elynia as an authority.
They can either defeat all enemy leaders, or wait for the end of turns, when Arnesius appears
to discuss a new treaty with the elvish factions.
Side 2: Celán (Sidhe Wardancer) (leader) (intelligent+strong)
Recruit list: Sidhe Warrior, Sidhe Fury, Sidhe Hoarfroster, Sidhe Raindancer, Sidhe Wanderer
Gold: {DIFF 230 270 320}
Team: Sidhe Elves
Side 3: Unidë (Elvish Avenger) (female) (leader) (resilient+quick)
Recruit List: Sprite, Elvish Shaman, Elvish Archer, Elvish Fighter, Elvish Scout
Gold: {DIFF 250 280 330}
Team: Forest Elves
Side 4: Arnesius
Team: Galas
(dummy side)
Victory conditions: enemy defeat OR end of turns
Scenario 4: Terror at Dusk
After having settled the treaty with the elves, the group heads for the western shores of Tirigaz.
They decide to rest for the night in the borders of the forest, but something wrong happens. Horrible
sounds of pain and death are heard - Elynia sights a group of shaxthal creatures coming towards the forest.
They must defeat them before they take over the lands.
Side 2: (Shaxthal War Drone) (leader) (biomechanical, intelligent)
Recruit list: Shaxthal Drone, Shaxthal Runner Drone, Shaxthal Larva, Shaxthal Razorbird,
Shaxthal Rayblade
Gold: {DIFF 250 300 350}
Team: shaxthals
Side 3: (Shaxthal Assault Drone) (leader) (biomechanical, armored)
Recruit list: Shaxthal Runner Drone, Shaxthal Razorbird, Shaxthal Rayblade
Gold: {DIFF 250 280 310}
Team: shaxthals
Side 4: Darglen (Chaos Lore) (leader) (biomechanical, strong)
Recruit list: Shaxthal Runner Drone, Chaos Invader, Shaxthal Rayblade, Automaton, Chaos Headhunter
Gold: {DIFF 270 300 340}
Team: shaxthals
Victory conditions: standard
Scenario 5: Bay of Tirigaz
Help the inhabitants of Tirigaz defend against a horde of desperate saurians.
Side 2: Lt. Lemyr (Lieutenant) (leader) (strong, intelligent)
Recruit list: Peasant, Ruffian, Woodsman, Bowman, Spearman, Mage
Gold: {DIFF 250 225 200}
Team: Galas
Side 3: Nyx Szal (Saurian Flanker) (leader) (quick, strong)
Recruit list: Saurian Skirmisher, Saurian Augur, Naga Fighter
Gold: {DIFF 220 240 260}
Team: Enemies
Side 4: Kirizzex (Naga Myrmidon) (leader) ()
Recruit list: Naga Fighter, Water Serpent
Gold: {DIFF 200 240 280}
Team: Enemies
Scenario 6: The Vast Ocean
Side 2: ()
Team: sea creatures
Scenario 7: The Elves of Quenoth Isle
A: Cutscene with view of whole Isle
B: Cutscene under the Great Tree
Scenario 8: Searching for the Past
Elynia and the rest enter a cave leading deeper underground, to the Black Citadel.
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