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Automated generation of provably secure, zero-copy parsers from format specifications
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EverParse is a framework for generating verified secure parsers from DSL format specification languages. It consists of LowParse, a verified combinator library (in src/lowparse), and QuackyDucky, an untrusted message format specification language compiler.

For more information, you can read our USENIX Security 2019 paper.




QuackyDucky requires a modern ocaml compiler and build environment. We strongly recommend installing all of your OCaml ecosystem exclusvely via the latest version of opam: all other approaches to get OCaml to work reliably and fully are a waste of time. If you can't get opam to work, don't bother trying any other method and just forget about this project.

The following OCaml packages are required and can be installed via this opam command: opam install batteries menhir ulex ocamlfind hex ocamlbuild asn1-combinators.

In case you obtain errors loading your OCaml environment, please make sure the environment is set properly by running eval `opam config env`.




./bin/quackyducky -help

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